Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port
Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port is among the group of 4 seaports and ICD of GMD in Hai Phong. Officially operating in 2014, with three times larger scale than the previously constructed Nam Hai Port, Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port has become an important trading hub in the busiest port complex in the North. Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port has developed strongly thanks to the favorable geographical location, along with strategic assets investment which is exploited and operated professionally. With its strategic location in the downstream area of ​​the Cam River, 450m length of berth, -11.5 water draft at berth, 250 m turning basin, in recent years, Nam Hai Dinh Vu always operates at high efficiency compared with designed capacity of 500,000 Teus/year.
Years of Experience
500.000 TEUs/year
50 000DWT
Receiving the largest ship
1 200 electrical outlets
RF area
450 m
Length of the pier
200 000m2
Area of CY yard
10 000 m2
Warehouse area

Handling efficiency of Nam Hai Dinh Vu port is always rated among the top in Hai Phong thanks to its modern facilities and equipment. Also, it is operated by a team of experienced and enthusiastic staffs, who are always in accordance with the scientific standard of handling procedure.

On May 15, 2020, Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port officially received the license from the Vietnam Maritime Administration to accommodate vessels with size up to 48,000 DWT.

With the upgrade of vessel accommodation capacity from 30,000 DWT to 48,000 DWT offloading, Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port has become the first port in Dinh Vu area to accommodate and handle large vessels of nearly 50,000 DWT. This marks a new chapter of its development, catch up with the global vessel upsizing trend, as well as promptly receive a large volume of cargo flow from upstream area.

Receiving large amount of investment to increase loading capacity and upsizing vessel accommodation, Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port always catches up with the growth opportunities of the market in the upcoming period. Together with Nam Hai Port from upstream, Nam Dinh Vu at the downstream and Nam Hai ICD acts as solid rear, Nam Hai Dinh Vu Port will constantly make efforts to strongly develop in the ecosystem chain of Gemadept including logistics and Port operation.

Outstanding features:

  • Convenient location
  • Capable of receiving vessels up to 30,000 DWT
  • Equipped with modern equipment
  • Experienced operator.
  • Experienced, capable and responsible staff

The infrastructure:

  • Location: Dinh Vu Industrial Park, Dinh Vu Peninsula, Dong Hai Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City
  • Area: 14,88ha
  • Berth length: 450m
  • Width: 330.7m
  • Water draft at berth: -11.5m
  • Maximum vessel size: 30,000DWT
  • Capacity: 500,000 Teus / year


Address: Km 6 Dinh Vu, Dong Hai 2 Ward, Hai An District, Hai Phong City, Vietnam